About Me

This section includes some articles or interviews printed in various media about me and my works. In addition, there are also more items that I don't have access to in order to represent here.

About National history research in Iran, Hafte Ketab, 26-01-2002
About undeniable document on Armenian Genocide-Alik 22-04-2000
Abovian about History of Armenia
Admission to University of Isfahan
Alik about Apaga
Alik about Louys
Apaga and Louys Licensed - 1
Apaga and Louys Licensed - 2
Apaga and Louys Licensed - 3
Appreciation letter for Sako Bookstore's 50th anniversary
Avangard about Apaga
Azg about Apaga
Azg About Louys
Center for Science Publication
Committee for Cultural Relations
Conference Participants September 1999
Garun Calendar - 1983
Garun Calendar - 1984
Gharabagh-Apaga - 1995
Hayastan about Apaga
Hayk - 10-08-1996
Hayreniki Dzayn about History of Armenia
Hayreniki Dzayn About New Julfa Art
Interview - Akhbar Eghtesad
Interview - Persian language-IT-Asia Newspaper - 1
Interview - Persian language-IT-Asia Newspaper - 2
Introducing Ed. Germanic-Arax-53
Iranahay Deghegatu about Apaga
Kanch-Yerevan - 04-09-1996
Lecture at Azad University_History of Armenian Schools
Lecture list in Nishabour Institute
List of Summary of Articles - Second Internation Seminar on History of Mathematics
List of Summary of Articles - Third Internation Seminar on History of Mathematics
Masis about Apaga - 1
Masis about Apaga - 2
Masis about Apaga - 3
Masis about Apaga - 4
Nor Dar about Zrutsaran
Nor Or about Apaga
NorGyank_Los Angeles - 18-01-2001
Republic of Armenia about Apaga
Writers union of Armenia - 10-08-1996 - Azg
Writers union of Armenia - 10-08-1996 - Republic of Armenian
Yeregoyan Yerevan about Apaga
Zartonk About History of Armenia