This section includes only some of the letters which I've received from various personalities.

Academy of Sciences - Gifts
Alzahra University
Armenian-Association, Toronto, April 24 Lecture
Armenian-Diaspora congress 1999
Freydoun Joneydi
Great Persian Encyclopedia to Academy of Sciences of Armenia
Great Persian Encyclopedia - 1
Great Persian Encyclopedia - 2
Invitation - Armenain Philarmonic Orchestra and Choir
Invitation - Armenian State Academic Choir
Invitation - Armenian Embassador
Invitation - Armenian Independence
Invitation - Hayastan All-Armenian Fund
Invitation - Sardarabad
Invitation - Military Parade
Invitation - National Armenain Dance
Jaleh Akbari - Armenian Lulaby
Levon Minasian
OIEC Engineering Mangement appreciation
Petros Kajberuni - 1989
Primate of Tehran
Sako Bookstore - 50th Anniversary, 1983 Tehran
Torontahay magazine, Toronto, April 24 Lecture
Toros Toranian-Allepo